Dugan's Dungeon

Balgron the Fat

When Lief kicked open the door leading to Balgron’s chambers we saw two goblins at the end of the hallway. Splug surprised us all by running ahead of Lief and chucking a spear at the goblins. We all followed the spear, dismantling the guards outside of Balgron’s personal chambers. After some fun watching Lief attempt table jumping (and falling) we torn down the tapestries dividing the chamber, we chased Balgron into his personal quarters and finished him off quickly. He had a couple of keys in his pocket, one opened a chest under his bed that had a magic wand in it. Catikia snatched up the wand fast, the other key lead to a door hidden behind another curtain, the door held a staircase that led downwards to another secret door.



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