Dugan's Dungeon

Dragon Burial Site

After making sure we had everyone, we set off again for the burial site. When we got there, we saw some people in a pit next to some dragon bones, a gnome called out to us, “Hey! Come look what we found!” We figured that we had found the gnome mentioned in the note from Irontooth, so we were on guard against him. There were a couple of watch drakes stationed at the top of the ramp leading into the dig site, Lief and Casper charged in a kept the drakes busy while the casters took out the humans who were in the pit below. The gnome somehow became invisible during the fight. A halfling jumped into the pit and started slinging stones at us. Sátōkō and Lady Silence put a stop to him with their arrows though. We had to search around a bit for the darn gnome, but we did manage to find the little creep. Catikia centered a blast of ice on Lief and chilled both him and the gnome out. Once the gnome was taken care of we started checking around, found Douvan Staul tied up and scared. We freed him and let him go on his way, before he left though he took a picture of his wife out of a locket and gave it to Rena. He said that the locket grants the wearer extra health. We went back to town; the townsfolk were still scared and generally un-agreeable. We reported in to Lord Padraig again and he sent us off to Shadowfel Keep to seal the rift and clear out the place.



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