This page will contain common information about the Gods and Goddesses worshiped in the local lands.

Good & Unaligned Deities:

Avandra – the god of change.
Bahamut – god of justice, protection, nobility & honour.
Corellon – god of spring, beauty & the arts.
Erathis – god of civilisation.
Ioun – god of knowledge, skill & prophecy.
Kord – storm god & lord of battle.
Melora – god of the wilderness & the sea.
Moradin – god of creation & patron of artisans.
Pelor – god of the sun & summer, and keeper of time.
The Raven Queen – god of death, spinner of fate & patron of winter.
Sehanine – god of the moon & autumn.

Evil & Chaotic Evil Deities:

Asmodeus – god of tyranny & domination.
Bane – god of war & conquest.
Gruumsh – god of destruction.
Lolth – god shadows, lies & spiders.
Tiamat – god wealth, greed & envy.
Torog – patron of jailers & torturers.
Vecna – god of undead, necromancy & secrets.
Zehir – god of darkness, poison & assassins.

Other beings of power:

Orcus – Demon Prince of the Undead
Baphomet – the Prince of Beasts
Yeenoghu – Demon Prince of Gnolls

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