Dugan's Dungeon


The next morning we set off to find out what we could about the kobolds and possibly the cult. Silvana, that wonderful woman, provided us with two days worth of rations each. As we left town we were once again attacked by some kobolds, this time they had a magic user of some type with them. Casper and Lief sure tested my ability to keep them alive this time, I love watching them swing and miss, swing and miss, they are great entertainment and great meat shields. Luckily, Catikia managed to deal with their caster spell for spell, taking him out with the sizzle of acid. During the fight, one of the kobolds thought he could gain the high ground on us by jumping up onto a rock, to bad for him he landed bad and fell off right next to me. Casper must not have noticed the failed attempt to gain higher ground by the kobold because he tried to jump up on the rocks too. That rock must have been slippery because he fell right off too, silly meat shields. Friel, although completely oblivious to the fact that we were even in a fight for our lives at first, did manage to pull his head out of the clouds long enough to dispatch one kobold and even harm a couple of others. Working together, we managed to take them all down and I stood everyone back up with some well placed healing, if I do say so myself. We all, of course, had to pick on our meat shield friends a bit for their… wonderful… performance. Even Friel joined in for some lighthearted ribbing of the guys. As we gathered up their weapons Rena and Sátōkō again managed to find money on these little monsters, they came up with 5 gold, 23 silver between them. Catikia went to check out her kill and found the little bugger had a necklace with a symbol of Orcus on it. These little critters are part of the Cult!



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