Dugan's Dungeon

Arrivial at Winterhaven

When we arrived at the gates of Winterhaven, a couple of friendly guards pointed us towards the local inn run by Salvana Wrafton. We happily followed the directions and soon found ourselves in the company of a tired yet content looking Silvana. She offered us room and board for the promise of an attempt at clearing out the wood surrounding the town of the goblin menace, and set up a meeting with the mayor, Lord Padraig, for us. We all stowed our gear in the offered two rooms and rested up a bit from our long walk. At dinner, we moved a couple of tables together and started questioning the locals to find out what was what. I met a nice old man named Ellion, a local farmer to the south. He told me about a friend of his named Douvan Staul that had gone off looking for a dragon burial site to the southeast. He also pointed me to the temple at the west end of town so I could go and meditate later on. Lord Padraig joined us for dinner, he did not seem very impressed by our collection of kobold spears that we had brought with us, but told us that if we can stop the kobold attacks for 30 days then he would pay us 100 gold. Friel and Lief tried chatting up a half elf woman, and from what I understand did not get very far with her. The smooth talking Casper, on the other hand, managed to find the location of the cult’s lair. Apparently, we need to go back east, the way we came, to the bend in the road, then head directly south to the waterfall. Passing through the waterfall will reveal the lair. We really should have asked her how she knew such detail about the location. There was also an old man in the bar named Valthrun, I am not sure if anyone tried to talk to him or not, he seemed very stand offish.



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