Dugan's Dungeon


My name is Durkon, I am a dwarven cleric of Moradin, and these are the (mis?)adventures of me and my friends. I met the half-elves Casper, Rena, and Sátōkō when I was very young; they used to hang out together a lot as kids. They would occasionally come by the local church to make their offerings. As kids, we used to go out in the forest together so Rena and Sátōkō could take turns sneaking up on us and scaring the crud out of us. Casper is training to be a warlord so he can be a leader of an army some day. Rena and Sátōkō are very quiet people, but very dangerous too. Sátōkō is a ranger; she has been practicing her forest tracking. She also spends an awful lot of time shooting targets with her bow. Rena is an odd one, but she is a rogue true and through. She will sometimes pick the pockets of people passing through town and sometimes even the city guards! Put the two of them together and you have a very strange group.

While out playing in the forest we met up with a druid who calls herself Lady Silence, she is a very moody one, it is best to stay on her good side. Lady Silence is a druid and a shifter, she is a very calm person, but when you piss her off bad enough, she can transform into a cat like thing that she calls a Razorclaw. She started hanging out with us and came to be a good friend to the group. Another long time friend is Catikia, an Eladrin wizard; has been studying very hard since she was very young to learn the mystic arts. Her parents push her very hard and she is always studying, but she can cast some cool spells and likes to play with us when we go out into the forest. Catikia introduced us to Friel, a Tiefling warlock that she met at school. I didn’t even know we had tieflings in our village! It took a little while for him to get familiar enough with us to really open up, but now he hangs out with us all the time.

Lief is our token human, every group in town had one, when we saw how weak he was in his chosen profession (a warrior of all things!), we had to let him join us for the potential comedy. He lives up to the task so far, no one can miss the broad side of the barn like Lief! Still we know that he just needs to get some experience and time under his belt, he’ll grow into that sword of his.



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