Dugan's Dungeon

Exploring the Seven Pillared Hall

Entering the Seven Pillared Hall we were stopped by a large ogre named Brugg. Brugg informed us that their is a 10% transaction fee for any business done in the Hall and that he would be coming to collect any amount owed to the Mages. He welcomed us to the Seven Pillared Hall and told us to be good. Luellen led her cart to the Halfmoon Inn, and then told us we should leave because the Hall is a rough place.

Erra Halfmoon, the proprietor of the Inn, offered us lunch at the Inn while we discussed what we needed to accomplish while in the hall. We let Erra know that we are seeking Gendar, he told us where to find him although his tone suggested that we may want to be wary when we meet him. As we were finishing lunch a mage entered the Inn, he introduced himself as Orontor the Ordinator Arcanis of the Seven Pillared Hall, a Mage of Saruun. He knew about a cask that Luellen had brought as a gift for the mages even though she had clearly not told anyone about it.
We decided to go visit Gendarat Gendar’s Curios and Relics, he turned out to be a drow who trades in old treasures from the Labyrinth. We delivered the package as instructed, it contained a curved dagger from the ancient days of the tiefling empire. Friel wanted the dagger pretty badly, but Gendarwas asking too much for him. We sold Gendar the minotaur head that we were toting around in my bag of holding and got 500 gold, and the magic item that Friel needed for his entrance to the Guild of the Green Mages. A gray dwarf entered the shop while we we checking out the wares, Gendarspoke with him a bit and after he left came to chat again. He asked to seek out an ancient skull scepter. He had acquired it from the Bone Chamber, which is near the Seven Pillared Hall, but he lost it when his agents were ambushed by the duergar. A duergar in the Horned Hold currently possesses the scepter, but it belongs to Gendar. If we find the scepter Gendar will pay us “handsomely” for it. We took our 10% tax to the Customhouse to pay Brugg.

We went back up the Road of Lanterns to the hall with the door that caught out attention earlier. We heard a deep voice say something about getting 10 gold for someone, in reply another voice said they would pay 20 to buy themselves if they could go free. We burst into the room, which was filled with some large tuns, and saw a halfling take off around the corner once the hobgoblins were focused on us. We must have all been feeling a bit silly, as we charged in we all made jokes about thinking we were entering a bar. We eventually took out the 5 hobgoblins and located the halfling named Rendil Halfmoon.



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