Dugan's Dungeon


We continued walking down the road to the place of our first skirmish with the kobolds. Seeing nothing interesting that they left behind from yesterday’s fight, Sátōkō started looking around for tracks. It didn’t take her very long to find them and off we went in search of the kobold lair.

We could hear the waterfall through the forest and see some movement through the trees. We saw a large group of kobolds wandering around near a waterfall. This must be the entrance to their lair! The woods opened up into two trails, one going up stream, and the other going down. We split into two groups in an attempt to flank them and give us an advantage when the fighting starts. Casper, Rena, Lady Silence, and Catikia went down stream a little ways and started slipping through the woods. Meanwhile, Lief, Sátōkō, Friel and I tried to sneak upstream a short distance. Sátōkō spotted a beefy kobold in the woods and tried to take him out quietly with two quick shots from her bow. Unfortunately, the rat started squealing and alerted the entire camp to our presence. Some of the kobolds started throwing spears at us through the trees, they aren’t very smart, they kept missing us and hitting the trees instead. I ran over to a kobold that was about to beat on Lief and bashed him in the head with my war hammer, then Lief flailed his sword over both of our heads, I wasn’t sure if he was trying to hit the kobold or me. Sátōkō took out the pest that got us noticed with two more quick shots, nearly at point-blank. Friel was paying much better attention this time and started things off right with an eldritch blast that took out the kobold right next to me. I ducked back a ways when I saw a rage take over Lief, he swung around and nearly chopped an arm off of one of the big kobolds, his swing was so ferocious that his swing came free of the big guy and split the head of the kobold standing next to him. Sátōkō fired two shots into the chest of the now angry kobold that Lief had hit, killing him.

Meanwhile, Casper had noticed that there were a couple of the big guys standing in some sort of circle, one was just screaming his head off, so he started shooting him through the trees with his crossbow. His first shot hit the yeller on the arm and didn’t seem to affect it too much, he shot a few more times but wasn’t having much luck getting arrows through the trees. He took off through the trees, running right up to the circle to take on the kobolds in close combat. Rena and Lady Silence had snuck off through the trees and were coming up behind everyone and thinning out the crowd of kobolds for us. Almost every attack from them killed another kobold; soon there were only the two big kobolds in the circle left. We all started to work our way over to help Casper finish off this group. Sátōkō got in a few more shots with her bow and Catikia was pounding on them with her magic missiles, but it was Lady Silence shooting the yeller from behind that finally quieted him down. As it died, it yelled out “Irontooth must be warned.” Casper and Lief took out the remaining kobold and we all stopped to take a quick rest before moving on into the caves that we knew were behind the falls.

We split into two teams to try to flank anyone coming out of the waterfall, as we were getting into position Sátōkō found a second cave entrance and went in to check it out. She let us know that the cave split and lead over to the entrance by the falls and had a passage that went further back into the hill. There were many kobolds in the caves and she signaled for us to come join her. Lief and I came in, but Friel had gone off to check out the circle that two big kobolds had been staying in. We took stock of the numbers in the cave and Sátōkō went back outside to signal for Catikia to send in some flames. Catikia sent a few scorching blasts into the waterfall to draw their attention away from the side entrance. Lief charged into the smaller hallway leading to the back of the cave and met up with a large goblin who could only be Irontooth. Lief kept the goblin busy with a very comedic show of skill, avoiding all of the goblins swings while not managing to hit the goblin with his own attacks either. It was almost like they were dancing together while the rest of us took out all of the other goblins. Eventually we did get them all and Lief ended his show and started beating on the goblin hard. The goblin really had no chance once all of his minions were gone and we had little trouble dispatching him. His last words were “Kalarel and Lord Orcus prepare my way!” We will have to find out who this Kalarel is.

Upon searching the kobolds and the goblin’s stash, we found 12 gold and 48 silver pieces, a chainmail shirt, a battle-axe, a small key, and a scroll. The key opened a chest where we found 420 gold pieces and a suit of +1 dwarven chainmail (worth 520g). Written on the scroll was:

“My spy in Winterhaven suggests we keep an eye out for visitors. It probably doesn’t matter. In a few more days, I’ll completely open the rift when the gnome finds the artifact in the dragon’s bones. Then Winterhaven’s people will serve as food for all that Lord Orcus sends to serve me.”



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