Dugan's Dungeon

Onwards and Downwards

We arrived at the keep around mid-morning. The clearing that held the ruins was empty of all plant life. There were some obvious signs of activity recently; someone had uncovered a staircase going down into the keep. The stairway was finely crafted stone, possibly dwarven. We starting our way down the stairs when out of nowhere Lief took off at top speed running down the stairs and into the first room. He only made it a few steps however because he fell into a pit filled with rats. Crazy human… We followed him down the stairs and met up with the goblins that he was probably charging into before he fell. We dispatched the four goblins without too much of a problem; Friel apparently felt the need to play with the rats though, because he fell into the already exposed rat pit about half way through the fight. We eventually got everyone out of the pit, fixed up and rested. We started following the western corridor into a slightly wider hall; we had to make a choice here between the double doors to the East and single doors on the North and West walls. We told Lief to kick in the door to the North, which led into a torture chamber, Lief charged right in when he saw someone laying on a mat and being jabbed with hot pokers by a large hobgoblin. Sátōkō really changed up from her normal moves, she ran right in the room with the rest of us turning the hobgoblin into a pincushion! Casper got stuck in an iron maiden and then beat through the cage until we got him out; he was royally pissed after that. He took out a goblin as soon as he came out and then almost tripped over the prone form of Lief. We were surprised when the prisoner turned out to be our friend Falcrast, he had left the village before we had and must have been caught by one of the bands of goblins before we killed them all. When we finally finished clearing out the room of all the goblins that were trying to kill us we had a chance to find out what had happened to Falcrast. He didn’t have much to say when it came to his capture, he just wanted to get his drink on and find his gear. I started checking out the cells that were in a hallway off of the main room, there were three cells, and the middle one contained a goblin by the name Splug. Lief took an instantaneous liking to the little guy, but most of the group was very wary of him. I sat and talked with him for a while to get his story, he told us that he was in the cell because he had figured out that the work they were doing was just busy work, that there was no treasure to be found in the room they were told to excavate. He started conning his fellow goblin workers out of their ale rations and they united against him. He begged to be set free so he could leave the dungeon and never trouble us again. In return for the promise of setting him free he gave us information about Belgron the Fat, the boss of the excavation site, and about the layout of the site itself. He also told us that Falcrast’s gear was in a closet outside the torture chamber, across from the double doors that lead to Belgron’s chambers. I assured him that I would set him free after we had a chance to rest and recuperate from the fight we just had. Once we were ready to move I let Splug out of his cell and let him take any of the armor and weapons he wanted from the bodies of his former comrades.



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