Dugan's Dungeon

To the Chamber of Eyes!

Rendil: “Thank you sirs, ladies, for the rescue. I’m Rendil Halfmoon, and I live here. Well, not here, but in the Seven-Pillared Hall. Thanks so much for helping me. Come with me to the Halfmoon and I’ll buy you an ale or four. It’s the best Inn – well, the only inn – this side of the Labyrinth. Follow me.”

Durkon: “We’ve been there already, we escorted Luellen to the Inn earlier today.”

Rendil: “Oh! You know my cousin. Well met, let’s go eat!”

Durkon: “What were you doing here?”

Rendil: Those hobgoblines grabed me two hours ago, I was tailing them because they were hanging around my families inn yesterday. I wanted to figure out what they were up to, but they caught me.”

Durkon: “Where they part of the slaver gang, the Bloodreavers?”

Rendil: “Yes they were some of the Bloodreavers, one and the same.”

Durkon: “We’re looking for them!”

Rendil: “There are a lot more of them around, but you won’t see them up here. They hide down near the chamber of eyes. Filthy muck eaters, all of them. They’re thives and slavers, and not neccessarily in that order.”

We escorted Rendil back to the inn, after we shared some drinks, Rendil told us: “Thank you again, if you’ve got a score to settle with the Bloodreavers, I can help you out. I can tell you how to find the Chamber of Eyes. I’d like to see someone teach those slavers a lesson.”

Durkon: Well they’ve got some of our friends so we are definitely in for teaching them lessons about enslaving our friends!”

Rendil: “Meet me here in the morning and I’ll tell you the way.”

The group discussed what our current commitments are before bed. We need to find our friends first, which will also lead us to the slavers, while we are out we also need to keep our eyes open for any relics and lore that Valthrun may be interested in, and also try to Find the scepter for Gendar. Once we had reviewed our plans we all went off to bed.



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