Dugan's Dungeon

To Thunderspire!

After testing out Catikia’s teleport necklace on our captured thief, Zither, from the River Rats gang, we led him up the hill to Moonstone Keep. We spoke with a guard who informed us that Lord Markelhay and his lady were away. We decided to take Zither back to our rooms for a little chat time. We let him go after explaining that it will be in his best interest to make sure that the thieves guild does not harass us again next time we are in town. If nothing else, it will be nice to check in on him next time we are in town, maybe he can provide us new rumors.
It was getting late so we all headed over to the Silver Unicorn Inn to get some rest before the caravan left in the morning. When we woke we met up with Luellen Halfmoon and started out towards Thunderspire through the Knight’s Gate on the Trade road. The trip was an uneventful two day walk, we followed the Vale Road to the base of Thunderspire. Entering the mountain complex through the Minotaur Gate, we saw towering minotaur statues watching us enter. Luellen seemed very annoyed at our monitoring her progress through the entrance to the Seven Pillared Hall. About a third of a mile into the tunnel we saw light spilling out of an opened door down a side passage, we decided we would come back and check it out after completing the trip to the Halfmoon Inn.



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