Investigate rumors of Cult of Orcus


Moyra, the head cleric of our village in the Nentir Vale, gathered up our group of friends and told us to go to Winterhaven. She was always asking us to do little jobs near the town for her, but this was the first time she sent us out of town for an extended time. Apparently, a Cult of Orcus had set up shop either in or near there and she wants us to find out anything we can about it and, if the rumors prove to be true, then put a stop to it. From what I remember from my religion classes Orcus was a very evil god who was killed and resurrected without his divinity and is a demon lord instead of a god now.

We killed Kalarel at the Rift under the Shadowfell keep, he was the leader of the cult. We also sealed the rift that he was opening saving the area from destruction.

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Investigate rumors of Cult of Orcus

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